MISSION-GOALS-OBJECTIVES - Series 0000                                                             Number    Policy or Regulation  
1. Mission Statement/Purpose  0100 P
2. Goals/Objectives for the Thomaston Public Schools 0200 P
3. Comprehensive Improvement Plans/Schedules 0500 P
4. Nondiscrimination 0521 P/R
     A. Grievance Procedure for Section 504, Title IX and Title VII 0521.1 R
     B. Commitment to Religious Neutrality (Prayer in Schools) 0521.2 P
                                                                                      COMMUNITY RELATIONS - Series 1000                                                                                                                                                                 Number    Policy or Regulation  
0. Concept, Goals and Roles in Community Relations 1000 P
1. Communications with the Public 1100 P
    A. Media of Communication-Distribution of Printed Material 1110 P
        (1) School-Parent Relations Goals 1110.1 P
        (2) News Media Relations 1112 P
              (a) Coverage of Board of Education Meetings - Photographing, Broadcasting or Recording Meetings 1112.1 P
        (3) School News Releases
               (a) Access to Information-Procedures for Accessing Information 1112.3 P/R
              (b) Media Access to Students 1112.5 P
              (c) Video Taping of Staff/Students 1112.6 P
              (d) District-Sponsored Media 1114 P
       (4) Public Participation at Board of Education Meetings 1120 P
       (5) Activities-Distribution of Materials by Students 1140 P
    B. Responsibilities of School Personnel 1150 P
    C. Responsibilities of the Board of Education 1160 P
    D. Recognition of Students, Citizens, Staff Members, and Members of the Board of Education 1170 P
         Independent Community Organization Activity Approval Application
    E. Memorials for Deceased Students or Staff 1180 P
2. Participation by the Public
    A. Agenda Format/Preparation and Dissemination 1205 P
    B. School-Community Associations 1210 P
    C.  School Volunteers/Securing and Screening Volunteers 1212 P/R
          Volunteer Information for and Waiver of Liability
    D. Citizens’ Advisory Committees 1220 P
    E. Other School-Connected Organizations/Booster Clubs 1230 P/R
    F. Visits to the Schools/Visitor Protocols 1250 P/R
        (1) Loitering of Causing Disturbance 1251 P
3. Public Activities Involving Staff, Students or School Facilities
    A. Relations between Public and School Personnel 1310 P
        (1) Staff Participation in Community Activities 1311 P
             (a) Political Activities of School Employees 1311.1 P
             (b) Political Activities in the Schools/On School Board Property 1311.2 P/R
        (2) Public Complaints/Challenged Material 1312 P/R
        (3) Gifts to School Personnel 1313 P
        (4) Fundraising and Solicitation 1314 P
        (5) Conduct on School Property 1316 P
    B. Relations between Public and Students
        (1) Public Performance by Students 1321 P
        (2) Contests for Students 1322 P
        (3)Gifts to Students 1323 P
        (5)Advertising and Promotion 1325 P
        (6) Solicitations by Staff Members 1326 P
        (7) Relations With Youth Organizations 1327 P
    C. Use of School Facilities 1330 P/R
        (1) Smoke Free Environment 1331 P
    D. Assignment of Personnel To Cover School Events/Activities 1332 P
    E. Access to School Procedures and Materials 1340 P
    F. Awards and Scholarships 1360 P
4.Relations between other Governmental Agencies & the Schools
    A. Local Units
        (1) Relations with Law Enforcement Agencies 1411 P/R
        (2) Fire Department 1412 P
        (3) Fiscal Authority 1416 P
   B. State/Federal Government Legislation/State Federal Aid 1430/1440 P
5. Relations between Area, State, Regional and National Associations and the Schools 1500 P
6. Relations between Non-Public and other Educational Organizations and the Schools 1600 P
    A. School/Business Partnerships 1660 P/R
7. Otherwise Lawful Possession of Firearms on School Property 1700 P
                                                                                                                                                                                                        Number    Policy or Regulation
0. Concept and Roles in Administration 2000 P
    A. Goals and Objectives 2010 P
1. Administrative Staff Organization 2100 P
    A. Management Positions/Team    
        (1) Equal Employment Opportunity 2111 P
        (2) Professional Development 2112 P
   B. Organizational Chart  Click for Chart 2120 P
        (1) Lines of Responsibility 2121 P
   C. Administrative Personnel Positions (Job Descriptions) 2130 P
        (1) Superintendent of Schools 2131 P/R
        (2) Appointment of Designee for Superintendent 2131.1 P
        (3) Principals 2133 P
              (a) Qualifications/Duties 2133.1 P
              (b) Assistant Principals 2133.11 P
        (4) Business Manager 2134 P
        (5) Director Pupil-Personnel Services 2135 P
        (6) Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Student
2135.1 P
       (7) Athletic Director 2137 P
   D. Superintendent    
        (1) Recruitment and Appointment of Superintendent 2141 P
   E. Administrative Staff    
       (1) Recruitment of Administrative Staff 2151 P
       (2) Assignment of Administrative Personnel 2152 P
       (3) Orientation of Administrative Personnel 2153 P
       (4) Supervision of Administrative Personnel 2154 P
2. Administrative Operations    
    A. Administrative Leeway in Absence of Board of Education Policy 2210 P
    B. Representative and Deliberative Groups 2220 P
    C. Administrative Council 2221 P
    D. Consultants 2224 P
     E.Control and Communication Channels & Systems/Records
        and Recordkeeping
2230 P
             (i) Operations – Virus Protection 2230.1 P
    F. Policy and Regulations Systems 2231 P/R
    G. Manuals, Directives, Bulletins, Announcements 2232 P
    H. Educational Research in District Schools 2240 P
    I. Monitoring of Product and Process Goals 2250 P
3. Statement of Ethics for Administrators 2300 R
    A. Code of Professional Responsibilities 2300.2 P
4. Evaluation of the Superintendent 2400 R
 Recommended Evaluation Process & Timeline Flowchart  Superintendent's Leadership Performance Areas and Specific Areas of Responsibility  Board of Education Self-Evaluation  Superintendent's Performance Evaluation Worksheets
 Evaluation of Administrators/Skills to be Assessed  Superintendent Evaluation Form Superintendent Competency Standards
  Number Policy or
0.  Concept and Roles in Business & Non-Instructional Operations 3000 P
      A.  Internal Controls 3011 P
1.  Budget/Budgeting System    
     A.  Budget:  Planning 3110 P
          (1)  Fiscal Year 3111 P
     B.  Preparation of Budget Document 3120 P
     C.  Public Review of Budget 3140


     D.  Adoption of Budget 3150 P
     E.  Transfer of Funds between Categories:  Amendments 3160 P/R
     F.   Non-lapsing Education Fund 3171.1 P
2.  Income    
    A.  State/Federal Funds 3230 P
    B.  Medical Reimbursement for Special Education Students 3231 P/R
 Consent Form for Accessing Parent(s)/Guardian(s) or Student's Public Benefits or Insurance for Health-Related Services in a Student's IEP  Billing Medicaid for Health-Related Services in a Student's IEP Information and Answers for Families    
    C.  Individuals with Disabilities Education Act Fiscal Compliance 3232 P/R
    D.  Tuition Fees 3240 P
    E.  Materials/Services Fees, Charges 3250 P
     F.  Sales & Disposal of Books, Equipment and Supplies/Disposition
         of Outdated Books
3260 P
    G.  Gifts, Grants and Bequests 3280 P/R
         (1)  Grants 3280.1 P/R
    H.  School Fund Raisers 3281 P/R
 Fund-Raising Activity Approval Form Fund-Raising Activity Follow-Up Form    
    I.  Funds Management 3290 P
          (1)  Depository 3293 P
                 (a) Authorization of Signature 3293.1 P
3.  Expenditures/Expending Authority    
     A.  Purchasing Guides    
           (1)  Relations with Vendors 3313 P/R
     B.  Purchasing Procedures 3320 P/R
           (1)  Requesting Goods and Services (Requisitions) 3321 P
           (2)  Soliciting Prices (Bids & Quotations) 3323 P
           (3)  Ordering Goods and Services (Purchase Orders)    
                  (a)  Contracts 3324.1 R
           (4)  Receiving Goods/Warehousing    
                  (a)  Maintenance and Control of Instructional Materials 3325.1 P
           (6)  Paying for Goods and Services 3326 P
                  (a)  Board of Education Credit Card 3326.3 P
4.  Accounts    
     A.  Classification of Expenditures 3420 P
     B.  Periodic Financial Reports 3430 P
          (1)  Budget and Expense Reports 3432 P
 Code of Conduct and Ethical Behavior for Employees With Financial and/or Accounting Responsibilities  Request for Replenishing Emergency Cash    
          (2)  Periodic Audit 3434 P
          (3)  Fraud Prevention and Investigation 3435 P/R
     C.  Inventories 3440 P/R
     D.  Monies in School Buildings                                  Request for Replenishing of Emergency Cash Form 3450 P/R
          (1)  School Activity Fund 3453 P
          (2)  Unexpended Class Funds 3453.1 P
5.  Non-Instructional Operations    
     A.  Operation and Maintenance of Plant 3510 P
     B.  Compliance with 504 Regulations 3511 P
 Section 504 Plan Termination Form  Section 504 Student Eligibility Form  Section 504 Referral Form    
 Section 504 Review Meeting Summary Report  Section 504 Meeting Notice  Receipt for Section 504 Rights    
     C.  Buildings    
           (1)  Utilities    
                  (a) Building Temperature and Lighting Control 3513.1 P
                  (b)  Waste Management, Resource Conservation and Recycling 3513.2 P
           (2)  Equipment/Authorized Use of School-Owned Materials 3514 P/R
           (3)  Safety/Safe and Secure School Facilities, Equipment, 3516 P/R
                  (a)  Building and Grounds Inspection and Reporting    
                         (i)  Hazardous Materials Communication 3516.11 P
                  (b)  Accident Prevention and Reporting 3516.3 P
                  (c)  Sex Offender Notification  DPS Sex Offender Registry 3516.4 P
                  (d)  Sex Offenders on School Property 3516.5 P
                  (e)  Security of Buildings and Grounds 3517 P/R
                         (i)  Site and Building Access 3517.1 P
     D.  Data-Based Information Management System 3520 P
           (1)  Information Security Breach and Notification 3520.1 P/R
           (2)  Facilities    
                  (a)  Acquisition and Updating of Technology-Policy Guidelines
                        for Technology Purchases
3523.1 P
                 (b)  Playground Equipment 3523.3 P/R
 Public Playground Safety Checklist  School Playground Planning    
     E.  Hazardous Materials in Schools  Employee Training Verification "Occupational Exposure to Asbestos" 3524 P/R
                 (a)  Pesticide Application  Pesticide Management Policy Pesticide Application Plan 3524.1 P
                 (b)  Green Cleaning Program  Green Cleaning Program in Schools Master Cleaning Chemical List Product Usage Summary 3524.2 P
     F.  Fixed Operations    
          (1)  Insurance 3532 P
                 (a)  Liability Insurance 3532.1 P
                 (b)  Employee Bonds 3533 P
     G.  Auxiliary Agencies    
          (1)  Transportation 3541 P
                 (a)  Responsibilities and Duties    
                       (i)  Bus Contractor 3541.23 P
                 (b)  Routes and Services 3541.3 P
                        ( i)    Riding Other than
                         Assigned Bus
 Bus Route Change Request Form 3541.311 P
                        (ii)   Daycare Center Transportation 3541.312 P
                        (iii)  Video Cameras on School Transportation 3541.313 P
                        (iv)  Transportation-Special Education Students 3541.33 P
                         (v)   Bus Driver
 School Bus Incident Report to Parents 3541.35 P
                 (c)  Transportation Equipment 3541.4 P
                        (i) Privately Owned Vehicles 3541.44 P
                 (d)  Transportation Safety Complaints 3541.5 P
                        (i) Denial of Transportation 3541.51 P
                 (e)  Student Behavior 3541.7 P/R
      (2)  Food Service    
            (a)  Purpose and Facilities 3542.1 P/R
            (b)  Menus and Services    
                   (i)  Free or Reduced Price Lunches 3542.31 P
                   (ii) Nutrition Program 3542.34 P
            (c)  Operation    
                   (i) Charging Policy 3542.43 P
                   (ii) Vending Machines 3542.45 P
      (3)  Office Services    
             (a)  Communication Services    
                    (i)  Photocopying, Computer Software Duplication, and
                         Videotaping for Education Purposes
3543.11 P
                   (ii) Mail and Delivery 3543.13 P
              (b)  Electronic Communications
             Use and Retention
 Notice Regarding a Litigation Hold Concerning Paper and Electronic Documents 3543.31 P/R
             (c)  Holds on the Destruction of Electronic and Paper Records 3543.311 P/R
     H.  Capital Outlay 3560 P
   Number Policy
0.    Concept and Roles in Personnel  4000 P  
       A.    Title IX 4000.1 P  
1.    Certified Personnel 4100 P  
       A.    Permanent Personnel 4110 P  
             (1)  Recruitment and Selection 4111 P  
                  (a)  Affirmative Action:  Equal Employment Opportunity 4111.1 P/R  
             (2)  Appointment and Conditions of Employment 4112 P  T
                  (a)  Contract 4112.1 P/R  TA
                  (b)  Non-Union Personnel 4112.11 P  
                  (c)  Certification 4112.2 P  
                  (d)  Security/Credit Check 4112.5 P/R  
                  (e)  Reference Checks 4112.51 P  
                  (f)  Personnel Records   Request Form 4112.6 P TA
                   (g)  Use and Disclosure of Employee Medical
                        Information (HIPAA)
4112.61 P  
                  (h)  Orientation 4112.7 P/R  
                  (i)  Nepotism; Employment of Relatives 4112.8 P/R  
            (3)  Assignment 4113 P TA
                  (a)  Load/Scheduling/Hours of Employment 4113.1   T
                  (b)  Non-Teaching Duties 4113.11   T
                  (c)  Promotion/Demotion 4113.2   A
                  (d)  Work Year 4113.3   TA
            (4)  Transfer/Reassignment  4114   TA
            (5)  Evaluation Supervision 4115 P TA
                  (a)  Teacher Recognition 4115.1 P  
                  (b)  Evaluation Coaches 4115.3 P  
            (6)  Separation/Disciplinary Action      
                  (a)  Retirement 4117.1   TA
                  (b)  Personnel Reduction 4117.3   TA
                  (c)  Return to Work 4117.31 P/R TA
                  (d)  Non-renewal/Suspension 4117.4 P  
                         (i)  Just Cause 4117.41 P T
                  (e)  Termination of Employment 4117.5 P  
                  (f)  Exit Interviews 4117.6 P  
             (7)  Rights, Responsibilities and Duties 4118 P  
                  (a)  Civil and Legal Rights      
                         (i)  Nondiscrimination 4118.11 P  
                         (ii)  Grievance Procedure Title IX 4118.111 R  
                         (iii)  Harassment 4118.113 P/R  
                         (iv)  Conflict of Interest 4118.13 P  
                         (v)  Disabilities 4118.14 P/R  
                         (vi)  Academic Freedom 4118.21 P/R  

                               (a)  Alcohol, Drugs and Tobacco

4118.231 P/R  
                               (b)  Weapons and Dangerous 
4118.233 P  
                               (c)  Prohibition on Recommendations
                                     Psychotropic Drugs
4118.234 P/R  
                               (d)  Medical Marijuana Standards 4118.235 P/R  
                          (iii)  Staff/Student Relations 4118.24 P  
                      (c)  Electronic Monitoring 4118.4 P  
                      (d)  Acceptable Computer Network Use 4118.5 P/R  
                            Worker Computer and Internet Use Acknowledgment Form      
                      (e)  Social Networking 4118.51 P/R  
                      (f)  Cellular Phones 4118.6 P/R  
                      (g)  Staff Conduct 4119 P  
     B.  Temporary and Part-Time Personnel 4120   R  
          (1)  Substitute Teachers 4121 P TA
          (2)  Summer School Teachers 4124   TA
          (3) Consultants 4126   TA
     C.  Activities      
          (1)  Staff Development 4131 P/R  
          (2)  Travel; Reimbursement 4133 P/R  
          (3)  Tutoring 4134 P  
          (4) Organizations/Units 4135    

               (a)  Agreement

4135.1   TA
                     (i)  Recognition 4135.11   TA
                     (ii)  Personnel Covered 4135.12   T
                     (iii)  Savings Clause 4135.15   TA
               (b)  Negotiations/Consultation 4135.3   TA
               (c)  Grievances/Complaints 4135.4 P TA
           (5)  Meetings 4136 P  
           (6)  Non-School Employment 4138 P  
     D.  Compensation and Related Benefits 4140   TA

          (1)  Salary Guides

4141   TA
          (2)  Salary Checks and Deductions 4142   TA
          (3)  Extra Pay for Extra Work 4143   T
          (4)  **Insurance/Health & Welfare Benefits 4144   TA
          (5)  **Retirement Compensation 4145   TA
                 (a)  Tax-Sheltered Annuities 4145.1   TA
          (6)  Employee-Related Accommodations 4146   TA
                (a) Credit Union 4146.1   T
                (b)  Employee Amenities 4146.3   TA
          (7)  Employee Safety 4147 P  
                (a)  Occupational Exposure to Bloodborne
4147.1 P/R  
          (8)  Employee Protection 4148 P TA
     E.  Leaves and Vacations 4150 P TA
          (1)  Short-Term Leaves 4151   TA
                (a)  Personal Illness and Injury 4151.1   TA
                (b)  Family Illness/Quarantine 4151.2   T
                (c)  Bereavement 4151.3   T
                (d)  Professional Purposes 4151.4   TA
                (e)  Legal and Civic Duties 4151.5   T
                (f)  Religious Observance 4151.6   T
                (g)  Emergency/Personal 4151.7   T
                (h)  Association 4151.8   TA
                (i)  Military 4151.9 P/R T
           (2)  Long- Term Leaves 4152   TA
                (a)  Sabbatical 4152.1   T
                (b)  Professional 4152.2   T
                (c)  Maternity; Adoptive; Child Care/Paternity 4152.3   T
                (d)  Military 4152.4 P/R T
                (e)  Personal/Family Medical Leave 4152.6 P/R A
                (f)  Association 4152.8   TA
            (3)  Vacations/Holidays 4153   A
            (4)  Jury Duty 4158   T
2.     Non-Certified Personnel 4200    
        A.  Permanent Personnel 4210 P*  
            (1)  Recruitment and Selection      
                  (a)  Affirmative Action:  Equal Employment
4211.1 P/R*  
                  (b)  Vacancies 4211.2   NC
            (2)  Appointment and Conditions of Employment 4212 P*  
                  (a)  Contract 4212.1  


                  (b)  Non-Union Personnel 4212.11 P*  
                  (c)  Health Examinations 4212.4 P/R  
                        (i)  *Drug and Alcohol Testing For School
                              Bus Drivers
4212.42 P  
                  (d)  Security/Credit Check 4212.5 P/R*  
                  (e)  Reference Checks 4212.51 P*  
                  (f)  Employee Medical Information (HIPAA) 4212.61 P*  
                  (g)  Nepotism; Employment of Relatives 4212.8 P*  
             (3)  Assignment 4213 P* NC
                   (a)  Load/Scheduling/Hours of Employment 4213.1   NC
             (4)  Transfer/Reassignment 4214 P NC
             (5)  Evaluation Supervision 4215 P  
             (6)  Probationary/Continuing Contract Status 4216   NC
                   (a)  Seniority 4216.1   NC
             (7)  Separation/Disciplinary Action 4217   NC
                   (a)  Retirement 4217.1   NC
                   (b)  Layoff/Rehire 4217.3   NC
                   (c)  Dismissal/Suspension 4217.4 P  
             (8)  Rights, Responsibilities and Duties      
                   (a)  Civil and Legal Rights      
                         (i)  Nondiscrimination 4218.11 P*  
                         (ii)  Conflict of Interest 4218.13 P*  
                         (iii)  Harassment 4218.113 P/R*  
                         (iv)  Disabilities 4218.14 P/R*  
                   (b)  Professional Responsibilities      
                         (i)  Conduct and Dress      
                              (a)  Alcohol, Drugs and Tobacco 4218.231 P/R*  
                         (ii)  Weapons 4218.233 P*  
                         (iii)  Medical Marijuana 4218.235 P*  
                         (iv)  Staff/Student Relations 4218.24 P*  
                  (c)  Duties 4218.3 P  
                        (i)  Electronic Monitoring 4218.4 P*  
                        (ii)  Computer Use 4218.5


                              Worker Computer and Internet Use Acknowledgment Form      
                        (iii)  Social Networking 4218.51 P/R*  
                        (iv)  District Issued Communication
4218.6 P/R*  
                        (v)  Staff Conduct 4219 P*  
        B.  Temporary and Part-Time Personnel 4220   NC
             (1)  Teacher Aides/Paraprofessionals 4222 P/R  
                    (a)  Title I  Paraprofessionals 4222.1 P  
        C.  Activities      
             (1)  Growth in Job Skills      
                   (a)  Visitation; Conferences 4231.1   NC
             (2)  Travel Reimbursement 4233 P/R* NC
             (3)  Organizations/Units 4234   NC
                   (a)  Agreement 4234.1   NC
                         (i)  Recognition 4234.11   NC
                         (ii)  Personnel Covered 4234.12   NC
                         (iii)  Board/ School System Rights 4234.13   NC
                         (iv)  Savings Clause 4234.15   NC
                         (v)  Work Stoppages 4234.16   NC
                   (b)  Grievances/Complaints 4234.4 P* NC
             (4)  Meetings 4235   NC
        D.  Compensation and Related Benefits          4240   NC
             (1)  Salary Guides 4241   NC
             (2)  Salary Checks and Deductions 4242   NC
             (3)  Overtime Pay 4243   NC
             (4)  Insurance/Health & Welfare Benefits 4244   NC
             (5)  Retirement Compensation 4245   NC
             (6)  Employment-Related Accomodations 4246   NC
                   (a)  Employee Amenities 4246.3   NC
                   (b)  Protective Clothing/Devices 4246.4   NC
             (7)  Employee Safety 4247 P*  
                   (a)  Occupation Exposure to Bloodborne
4247.1 P/R*  
             (8)  Employee Protecton 4248 P*  
        E.  Leaves and Vacations     4250   NC
             (1)  Short-Term Leaves 4251   NC
                   (a)  Personal Illness and Injury  4251.1   NC
                         (i)  Worker's Compensation 4251.11   NC 
                   (b)  Bereavement 4251.3   NC
                   (c)  Occupational Purposes 4251.4   NC
                   (d)  Legal and Civic Duties 4251.5   NC
                   (e)  Emergency/Personal 4251.7   NC
                   (f)  Association 4251.8   NC
                   (g)  Military 4251.9 P/R* NC
             (2)  Long-Term Leaves 4252   NC
                   (a)  Maternity; Adoptive; Child Care 4252.3   NC
                   (b)  Military 4252.4 P/R*  
                   (c)  Health and Hardship 4252.5   NC
                   (d) Personal/Family and Medical Leave 4252.6 P/R* NC
             (3)  Vacations/Holidays 4253   NC




P/R              Policy/Regulation


*  The policy and/or regulation is the same for Certified and Non-Certified Personnel.  Refer to the
   Certified Personnel section of this manual for the policy or regulation covering this issue.


T  Professional Agreement between the Thomaston Education Association and the Thomaston
    Board of Education.


A  Professional Agreement between Thomaston School Administrators’ Association and the
    Thomaston Board of Education.


NC  Agreement between the Thomaston Board of Education and Local 1303-97 of Connecticut
       Council 4, American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employer, AFL-CIO.

STUDENTS - Series 5000
Number  Policy or
0.   Concept and Roles in Student Policies   5000 P
      A.   Goals and Objectives 5010 P
Number  Policy or
0.   Concept and Roles in Student Policies   5000 P
      A.   Goals and Objectives 5010 P
1.   Elementary and Secondary    
      A.  Attendance    
           (1)  Admission 5111 P
           (2)  Foreign Exchange Students 5111.1 P/R
           (3)  Ages of Attendance 5112 P
                 (a)  Dropout 5112.3 P
                 (b)  Disenrollment 5112.4 P/R
            (4)  Attendance/Excuses/Dismissal 5113 P
                  (a) Truancy 5113.2 P/R
            (5)  Suspension/Explusion:  Student Due Process 5114 P/R
            (6)  Student Handbooks 5114.12 P
            (7)  Suspension from Interscholastic Athletics 5114.2 P
            (8)  Nonresident Attendance 5118 P
            (9)  Homeless Students 5118.1 P/R
     B.   Progress/Records    
           (1)  Assignment to Teachers and Classes 5122 P
                 (a)  Assignment of Former Home-Schooled Students to Classes    Intent to Homeschool Form     5122.3 P
           (2)  Promotion/Retention 5123 P
           (3)  Reporting to Parents 5124 P
           (4)  Student Records; Confidentiality 5125 P/R
                 (a)  Health/Medical Records 5125.11 P
      C.   Activities    
           (1)  Conduct    
                 (a)  Bus Conduct 5131.1 P/R
                 (b)  Video Cameras on School Buses 5131.11 P/R
                 (c)  Video Surveillance 5131.111 P
                 (d)  Terroristic Acts/Threats 5131.21 P
                 (e)  Student Driving/Parking 5131.3 P
                 (f)  Vandalism 5131.5 P/R
                 (g)  Drugs, Tobacco, Alcohol 5131.6 P/R
                 (h)  Weapons and Dangerous Instruments 5131.7 P
                 (i)  Off-School Grounds Misconduct 5131.8 P
                 (j)  Use of Electronic Devices 5131.81 P
                 (k)  Gang Activity or Association 5131.9 P
                 (l)  Bullying 5131.911 P
                 (m)  Aggressive Behavior 5131.912 P
                 (n)  Corporal Punishment 5131.92 P
           (2)  Dress and Grooming 5132 P
           (3)  Behavior of Participants in Athletic Events 5133 P
           (4)  Married/Pregnant Students 5134 P
           (5)  Academic Eligibility 5135 P
           (6)  Participation Fees for School Activities 5139 P
      D.  Welfare 5140 P
           (1)  Student Health Services 5141 P
                 (a)  Illness    
                        (i)  Administration of Medication 5141.21 P
                        (ii) Student Suncreen Use 5141.214 P
                        (iii)  Communicable/Infectious Diseases 5141.22 P
                        (iv)  Psychotropic Drugs 5141.231 P
                        (v)  Students with HIV, ARC, AIDS 5141.24 P
                  (b)  Students with Special Health Care Needs/Food Allergy Management 5141.25 P
                  (c)   Health Assessments and Immunizations 5141.3 P
                  (d)  Physical Examination for School Programs 5141.31 P
                  (e)  Child Abuse, Neglect, and Sexual Assault 5141.4 P
                  (f)  Suicide Prevention/Intervention 5141.5 P/R
                  (g)  Crisis Management 5141.6 P
            (2)  Safety 5142 P
                  (a)  Relations with Non-Custodial Parents 5142.1 P
                  (b)  Dismissal Precautions 5142.2 P
                  (c)  Skateboard/Rollerblade/Scooter Use 5142.3 P
            (3)  School Time Accident Insurance 5143.1 P
      E. Discipline 5144 
            (4)  Use of Physical Force (Physical Restraint/Seclusion) 5144.1 P
            (5)  Physical Exercise and Discipline of Students 5144.4 P
            (6)  Progressive Discipline and Promoting Positive Student Behaviour 5144.5 P
            (7)  Civil & Legal Rights and Responsibilities 5145 P
                  (a)  School/Police Cooperation 5145.11 P
                  (b)  Students/Probation/Police/Courts 5145.111  
                  (c)  Invasion of Privacy    
                        (i)  Search and Seizure 5145.12 P/R
                        (ii)  Vehicle Searches on School Grounds 5145.121 P
                        (iii)  Use of Dogs to Search School Property 5145.122 P
                        (iv)  Breathalyzer Testing 5145.124 P
                        (v)  On-Campus Recruitment 5145.14 P
                        (vi)  Directory Information 5145.15 P
                   (d)  Freedom of Speech/Expression 5145.2 P
                   (e)  Title IX 5145.44 P
                   (f)  Exploitation:  Sexual Harassment 5145.5 P
                   (g)  Sexual Abuse Prevention Education Program 5145.511 P/R
                   (h)  Harassment 5145.52 P/R
                   (i)  Student Grievance Procedure 5145.6 P
                   (j)  Due Process    
                         (i)  Surrogate Parent Program 5145..71 P
                   (k)  Child Identification 5151 P
                   (l)  Research Involving Students 5156 P
INSTRUCTION - Series 6000
Construction - Series 7000
   Number Policy or
1.  Planning  7100 P
     A.  New Construction   P
     B.  Long Range Planning    
          (1)  Evaluating Existing Buildings    
                (a)  Retirement of Buildings 7113.1 P
          (2)  Developing Education Specifications 7115 P
          (3)  Educational, Architectural Consultant 7123 P
      C.  Relations with Public    
          (1)  Literature Distribution 7141 P
          (2)  Public Presentation/Public Support 7144 P
 2.  Construction Concept Development    
      A.  Architectural and Engineering Services    
           (1)  Selection 7211 P
      B.  Site Development    
           (1)  Selection 7221 P
      C.  Building Design    
            (1)  Design and Process 7230 P
                 (a)  Indoor Air Quality 7230.2 P
       D.  Equipment and Furniture    
                  (a)  Selection and Installation of Playground Equipment  7240.1 P
 3.  Financing    
      A.  Financial Planning 7300 P
 4. Construction    
     A.  Project Bids 7410 P
     B.  Supervision    
           (1)  Clerk-of-the-Works 7453 P
 5.  Occupying    
      A.  Certificate of Occupancy 7500 P
      B.  Staff Orientation and Training 7510 P
      C.  Inspection by Board of Education 7523 P
      D.  Community Orientation and Board of Education Acceptance 7530 P
      E.  Assembling and Preserving Documents 7540 P
      F.  Naming of Facility  7551 P
      G.  Recording of Names and Board of Education Members, Administrators, Architects or Builders 7552 P
  Bylaw Number              
0. Role of Board and Members (Powers, Purposes, Duties)                                                              9000 B
    A. Statement of Integrity 9005 B
    B. Limits of Authority 9010 B
    C. Public Statements 9020 B
        (1) Advocacy 9020.1 B
    D. Commitment to Democratic Principles in Relation to Community, Staff & Students                  9030 B
    E. Duties of the Board 9040 B
1. Organization    
    A. Number of Members, Terms of Office 9110 B
     B. Officers and Auxiliary Personnel-Organizational Meeting/Term of
         Board Officers
9120 B
         (1) Chairperson 9121 B
         (2) Vice-Chairperson 9122 B
         (3) Secretary 9123 B
         (4) Attorney 9125 B
         (5) Treasurer 9126 B
    C. Committee of the Whole 9131 B
         (1) Standing Committees 9132 B
         (2) Special/Advisory Committees 9133 B
    D. Board Consultants 9150 B
    E. Student Representation on Board of Education 9160 B
2. Members    
   A. Election    
       (1) Filling Vacancies 9221 B
       (2) Resignation/Removal from Office/Censure 9222 B
    B. Orientation of Board Members 9230 B
    C. Board Member Development 9240 B
    D. Remuneration and Reimbursement 9250 B
    E. Board Member Protection 9260 B
    F. Conflict of Interest 9270 B
       (1) Code of Ethics 9271 B
       (2) Code of Conduct on Data Use 9272 B
3. Methods of Operation 9300 B
   A. Development, Distribution and Maintenance of Manual of Policies, Regulations,  
9310 B
         (1) Formulation, Adoption, Amendment of Policies 9311 B
               a. Board Policies 9311.1 B
         (2) Formulation, Adoption, Amendment of Bylaws 9312 B
         (3) Formulation, Adoption, Amendment of Administrative Regulations 9313 B
         (4) Suspension of Policies, Bylaws, Regulations 9314 B
    B. Meetings    
         (1) Regular & Special Meetings of the Board 9321 B
         (2) Work Sessions 9321.1 B
         (3) Public and Executive Sessions 9322 B
         (4) Construction of the Agenda 9323 B
               (a) Advance Delivery of Meeting Materials 9324 B
         (5) Meeting Conduct/Actions by the Board 9325 B
               (a) Quorum 9325.1 B
               (b) Order of Business 9325.2 B
               (c) Voting of Motions 9325.4 B
               (d) Request for Information by Board Members 9325.5 B
         (6) Minutes 9326 B
               (a) Taping/Recording Board Meetings 9326.1 B
         (7) Electronic Communications Among Board Members 9327 B
    C. Board/School District Records 9330 B
    D. Hearings/Public Hearings 9350 B
    E. Legislative Program 9360 B
4. Self-Evaluation/Policy Review and Evaluation 9400 B
5. Public Announcement of Accomplishments 9410 B
    A. Recognition of Accomplishments by Citizens, Students, Staff Members
        or Members of the Board of Education
9420 B