Contracts/Bargaining Agreements

Union Contracts
These unions have contracts which are public information.  If you are interested in viewing any Thomaston Public Schools union contract, Please click on the applicable link below.
  Administrators Teachers Non-Certified Staff Superintendent
  Thomaston Association Of School Administrators TEA 7/1/19 - 6/30/22 AFSCME Superintendent Contract
  Business Manager MOA 9/17/2019 MOA 2/22/2018  
  MOA 3/19/2019 MOA - Chemical Hygiene Officer MOA 11/21/2018  
  TSAA 7/1/20-6/30/23 MOA-HS/MS Schedule MOA 1/2/2019  
    MOA-Coaches' Salaries MOA 3/26/2020  
    MOA -  Teacher of Record    
    MOA - Assistant Drama Coach    
    MOA - STEM Club Comp. Advisor    
    MOA - Benefits Waiver    
    MOA - Link Crew Advisor    
    MOA - 2/12/2020    
    MOA - 3/26/2020    
    MOA - TEA Stipend Positions