Pupil Services Staff Directory

Pupil Services Office
Director of Pupil Services Andrea Peters apeters@thomastonschools.org Phone:  (860) 283-3050 Fax:  (860) 283-3043
Secretary Helen Guerrera hguerrera@thomastonschools.org Phone: (860) 283-3050 Ext. 11303 Fax: (860) 283-3043
Black Rock Elementary School
School Social Worker Meghan Slekis mslekis@thomastonschools.org (860) 283-3040 Ext. 21191
School Nurse Doreen French dfrench@thomastonschools.org (860) 283-3040 Ext. 11111
Special Education Teachers Kelly Dube kdube@thomastonschools.org    
  Megan Fitzgerald mfitzgerald@thomastonschools.org   Ext. 21188
  Kelsey Murzak kmurzak@thomastonschools.org    
  Karen Obst kobst@thomastonschools.org    
  Karen Payne kpayne@thomastonschools.org   Ext. 21171
  Nicole Sul nsul@thomastonschools.org    
Speech & Language Pathlogist Grace Duke gduke@thomastonschools.org    
BCBA Lisa Lavoie llavoie@thomastonschools.org    
Behavior Technician        
Paraprofessionals Heather Boulanger hboulanger@thomastonschools.org    
  Hanane Boumghait hboumghait@thomastonschools.org    
  Amanda Grecco agrecco@thomastonschools.org    
  Cassandra Jordan cjordan@thomastonschools.org    
  Jennifer Lowell jlowell@thomastonschools.org    
  Christine Thomas cthomas@thomastonschools.org    
  Joyce Weglarz jweglarz@thomastonschools.org    
Thomaston Center School
School Counselor Jaimee Hustek jhustek@thomastonschools.org (860) 283-3036 Ext. 12312
Social Worker Nicole Gowell ngowell@thomastonschools.org   Ext. 22123
School Psychologist Marie Danis mdanis@thomastonschools.org (860) 283-3036 Ext. 12311
Speech/Language Pathologist Grace Duke gduke@thomastonschools.org   Ext. 22120
School Nurse Diane Aniki daniki@thomastonschools.org (860) 283-3036 Ext. 12303
Special Education Teachers Stephanie Catucci scatucci@thomastonschools.org    
  Sharon Machin smachin@thomastonschools.org    
  Lauren Mikulskis lmikulskis@thomastonschools.org    
Paraprofessionals Debbie Green dgreen@thomastonschools.org    
  Diana Martinik dmartinik@thomastonschools.org    
  Donna Alfonzetti dalfonzetti@thomastonschools.org    
  Kristen Callahan kcallahan@thomastonschools.org    
  Amy Woodard awoodard@thomastonschools.org    
Thomaston High School
School Social Worker Shana Marques smarques@thomastonschools.org (860) 283-3030 Ext. 14316
School Psychologist Marie Danis mdanis@thomastonschools.org (860) 283-3030 Ext. 24217
Speech and Language Pathologist Grace Duke gduke@thomastonschools.org   Ext. 24259
School Nurse Nancy Stancavage nstancavage@thomastonschools.org (860) 283-3030 Ext. 14317
Special Education Teachers Tammy Dumas tdumas@thomastonschools.org   Ext. 24214
  Patricia Lanesey planesey@thomastonschools.org   Ext. 24226
  Jennifer Sirois jsirois@thomastonschools.org   Ext. 24126
  Elizabeth West ewest@thomastonschools.org   Ext. 24170
Paraprofessionals Jessica Thier jthier@thomastonschools.org    
  Barbara Lee blee@thomastonschools.org    
  Jenn Samela jsamela@thomastonschools.org    
  Colby Skilton cskilton@thomastonschools.org    
  Bob Stack bstack@thomastonschools.org