Student Registration

Registration Information for Preschool through Grade 12
Registration - Step 1: Residency Information and Documents

Welcome to Thomaston Public Schools--we are excited to have you join us!

The first step in the registration process is completing the Thomaston Public Schools New Student Residency Form. This is form is required to register your child/children for enrollment in Thomaston Public Schools.  Please complete the form accurately.  If you have any questions about this form, please email the Secretary at the school where you plan to enroll your child/children (see contact information below).

The online Thomaston Public Schools New Student Residency Form must be completed by a custodial parent/guardian and approved before enrollment.

Once you complete the Thomaston Public Schools New Student Residency Form you will be contacted by the School Secretary who will schedule a Registration Appointment at which time you will be expected to bring at least the following information (other information may be required):
  • Your Child's Birth Certificate (long-form)
  •  A photo id must be presented in person at the school in which the student is applying for registration; please have a valid driver's license, passport or military photo id ready during your registration appointment
  •  Required Residency Documents (see table below):
  •  Additional Information that may be required for presentation during the Registration Appointment, such as but not limited to a copy of the custodial agreement or assigned, notarized "Residency Affidavit of District Resident" and a signed, notarized "Residency Affidavit of Parent/Guardian"
Registration - Part 2: Enrollment Documents and Information

Once your submitted form is reviewed, the Secretary who oversees registration and enrollment for your child's grade-level will contact you for a Registration Appointment.  You will need to bring the information below with you to that appointment along with anything else the Secretary requests.

What You Need for Your Registration Appointment:  The Secretary will tell you which of the following documents must be presented during the student’s registration appointment:

For All New Students:

  •  Student’s Original Birth Certificate (Long-Form)
  •  Custodial Agreement (only if parents/guardians do not live together but share custody or if only one parent has sole custody)
In addition, for Incoming Preschool Students ONLY:
In addition, for Students Transferring from Another School ONLY:
Other Forms or Documents:
Any other evidence, documents or forms requested by the Secretary not listed above.
Questions about the registration process should be directed to the school where your child is expected to attend:
School  Secretary Contact Information
Black Rock School
57 Branch Road
Preschool-Grade 3
Kathy Squatriglia 860-283-3040 x11301
Thomaston Center School
One Thomas Avenue
Grades 4 - 6
Christine Webster 860-283-3036 x12300
Thomaston High School
185 Branch Road
Grades 7 - 12
Maureen Laplante 860-283-3030 x14311