• Lunch  $3.00
  • Breakfast $1.50
  • Reduced Breakfast  .30 cents
  • Reduced Lunch .40 cents
  • Milk .50 cents
Lunch Program Staff

Food Service Director
Nicole Lefebvre

Thomaston High School
Terry Bocci

Thomaston Center School 
Christine Pacifico

Black Rock School
Carmine DeFiore

Thomaston Board of Education Lunch Program News:

As Thomaston parents are already aware, students requesting a cafeteria-made lunch are required to pay $3.00 for that lunch before or at the time of the request.  If your child’s lunch account does not have at least $3.00 available to purchase a cafeteria-made lunch, your child’s lunch account will still be charged, putting your child’s account in a negative balance.

If your child’s lunch account goes into a negative balance, you will receive a message from the district requesting payment.  To be certain that this negative balance does not reach a level that will be difficult for you to pay, the district will send a negative lunch balance message twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

If you receive this message, please respond with prompt payment.  Also, if you believe that you were sent the message in error, you are encouraged to contact your child’s lunch program manager via email (see addresses to the left of this message).

The new PowerLunch module, available to parents through the PowerSchool parent portal, allows you to see your child's lunch account balance and even the days your child ordered a cafeteria-made lunch.  To check your child’s lunch account, log into the PowerSchool parent portal, select “more” and then “fees and meals.”  You can even see this information using the PowerSchool app on your smartphone or tablet.

The district offers online lunch payments through the PowerLunch module.  This will allow you to pay for cafeteria-made lunches with a credit card and make automatic payments when your child’s lunch account does not have enough funds to make a lunch purchase.  You can set up an online lunch payment account by visiting the "Online Payments" page.

Please note that breakfast, snack and a-la-carte purchases are cash only and will not be applied to your child’s lunch account.

Daily Breakfast Menu